Medical Device Touch Screen Stackable Volumetric Infusion Pump
Medical Device Touch Screen Stackable Volumetric Infusion Pump
Medical Device Touch Screen Stackable Volumetric Infusion Pump

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Infusion Pump
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Infusion Pump



Medical Device Touch Screen Stackable Volumetric Infusion Pump

Basic Info.
Model NO.
Shell Material
PBT Plastic
Infusion Rates
0.1 -1500 Ml/H
3.5-Inch Touch Screen
Patient Weight
0.1 -300kg
Patient History Log
No Less Than 1000 Logs
Bolus Rates
0.1 -1500 Ml/H
Stepping Rate
IV Set Brands
Recognize All Major Brands
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion: 10-15V, 2.5A
Infusion Mode
Rate Mode, Dosage Mode, Preset Time Mode (V-T)
Operating Temperature Range
+5 - +40degree
Medical Device Touch Screen Stackable Volumetric Infusion Pump
It applies sophisticated stepping motor and driving system and the stepping rate is 0.01ml/h,which guarantees the accuracy; Faulty tree analysis optimizes every step and assures the stabilityand safety of our pumps. Advanced touch screen technology makes all operations convenient and intelligent that can help to ease the workload of nurses. Moreover, with its small volume and lightweight, abundant infusion modes meet various clinic demands and improve its benefit without complicated conversion and operation.
Technical Specification:
Infusion rates
0.1 -1500 ml/h
Bolus rates
0.1 -1500 ml/h
Purge rates
0.1 -1500 ml/h
IV set brands
Recognize all major brands including additional brands
upon agreement. Build-in 5 brands, support user extending and calibration.
Dose rate units
No less than 50 types of units to be chose. mg/kg/min, mg/kg/h, mg/kg/24h...
Bolus volume limit
0.1ml -50ml in steps of 0.1ml/h
Purge volume
Pipe flush rate is consistent with manual fast push rate,
the Vol. is 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml
Volumetric accuracy
Volume To Be Infused (VTBI)
0.1-99.99 ml, 0.01ml;
100.0-999.9 ml, 0.1ml;
1000-9999 ml, 1ml;
Cumulated volume range:0.01-9999.99ml.
Programmable infusion time
Preset time: 00:00:01-99:59:59 (h:m:s)
Keep Vein Open (KVO) rate
0.1~5.0 ml/h, step value 0.01ml
KVO volume
1%, 2%, 3% of the infusion volume
Post VTBI rate
Stop, KVO mode or continue with the set rate
Standby time
00:01 to 99:59, increments per minute
Infusion mode
Rate mode, Dosage mode, Preset time mode (V-T), Time mode (R-T)
Event log
more than 1000. classified by operation records, alarm
records, and infusion records. time stamped in real time.
Patient history log
No less than 1000 logs
9 levels
Table top operation
Universal pole clamp
DOCK cabin
Breakpoint memory
Pause during the infusion, the pump can store the parameters before the pause. After restarting, the pump can continue the infusion state before the infusion.
Alarm loudness
5 levels adjustable alarm beep sound. 3-grade (High, Medium and Low) audible and visible alarm with text prompts
It applies sophisticated stepping motor and driving system and the stepping rate is 0.01ml/h,that can totally meet clinic demands of toxic and anesthetic infusion or the high accuracy neonatal infusion.
Syringe pump has fast start functions,which can eliminate error caused by starting delay.
Infusion pump has velocity compensation function,which can avoid the error caused by pipeline collapse.
Dual CPU design assures the safety of system.
Online titration function can directly modify rate without stopping.
Anti-bolus function avoids the adverse reaction caused by blood concentration.
Dynamic Pressure Surveillance(DPS):5 levels of alarm range is adjustable,it not only helps medical staff to set reasonable pressure alarm range,but also is helpful to find out pipeline off,leakage of injection and clogging in time.
Modular design,abundant infusion modes meet various clinic demands wihtout complicated conversion and operation.
It is convenient for transportation of patients when it is installs on the elaborate handle.
The shell is made from PBT plastic and it has well characteristics of resistance to corrosion,which is more convenient to clean and disinfect.
Easy to Operate:
It applies large touch screen and it is easy to opearte,which is more convenient and time-saving than the traditional keyboard operation.
Infusion mode:rate mode,time rate mode,preset time mode,dose mode;all of these meet various clinic demands without complicated conversion and operation.
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