Neurosurgery Head Support Skull Clamp
Neurosurgery Head Support Skull Clamp
Neurosurgery Head Support Skull Clamp
Neurosurgery Head Support Skull Clamp
Neurosurgery Head Support Skull Clamp
Neurosurgery Head Support Skull Clamp
LH 2100

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Head Holder
Neurosurgery, General Surgery
CE, FDA, ISO13485

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Neurosurgery Head Support Skull Clamp
 Basic Info.
Model NO.
LH 2100
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Neurosurgery head support skull clamp 


Moving forward and backward: 350mm
Moving leftward and rightward: 400mm
Height adjustable range: 350mm
Turning angular: ≤75°
Installation center distance adjustment range: 190-590mm

Head support can be used together with flexible shaftretractor,
operating table to fix patients' head in the intracranial neurosurgery,
also can be used in orthopedic surgery or other surgeries.
Structure Diagram:

U-shape head clamp
Universal ball joint
Multi-functional base
Horseshoe head holder
Operating table inserted-bar

Widely used for firmly fixing the head in all kinds of head and brain surgeries'. Thanks to the technical innovation and improvement, and the strong gripping visual indication, our head support becomes the leading position in domestic.
Using Method:

1. Adjusting the central position of head support betwwen the left and right brackets according to the distrance of the sockets on the operating table.
2. Remove the plugs at the ends to exchange the position of left bracket and right bracket.
3. Fasten the inserted-bar into the sockets of the operating table, and tighten the screw to fasten the sliding bracket to the bottom-shaft
4. Adjusting the head clamp to the required position according to the needs of surgery, fasten by the locking handle
5. When patient's head is put into the head clamp, adjusting the sliding head clamp according to the width of patient head, tighten the single nail knurling nut and fine-tuning three head nail to fix the patient head properly.
6. Replace nails: if the nails need to be replaced during surgery, just need to pull out the old nails and install the required nails into the hole.
7. When head pads are used together with head support, the distance between two head pads can be adjusted freely according to the size of patient's head.
Besides , can offer carbon fiber head support , can be used for CT, DSA, X-ray fluoroscopy of the head and cervical spine .