Double Dome LED Shadowless Operating Light
Double Dome LED Shadowless Operating Light

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CE, FDA, ISO13485, ISO9001

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Double Dome LED Shadowless Operating Light
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Tianjin, China
1.  The lamp head adopts petal fractional design, ultra-thin streamline structure, with good laminar flow penetration and cleaneffect.
2.  Light quality cantilever system including spring arm and horizontal arm, 6 sets of arm joints, moving radius of 2400mm or more
3.  Monochromatic cold light LED lamp bulbs, service life 60000 hours, each LED bulb can be replaced individual
4.  Maximum central illumination (EC)140, 000LUX
5.  Light spot diameter 250mm
6.  lumination depth: (L1+L2)21280
7.  Color rendering index (Ra) 93=5%
8.  Color temperature TC(K)4500K
9.  Deep cavity illumination rate 2999
10.  Single shelter shadowless rate 2780
11.  Double shelters shadowless rate 27636
10.  The diameter of the lamp plate z 74mm
13.  Detachable central operon. wisand high temperature autoclaving at 134 and 220kpa, which is convenient
for surgeons in clean area to locate quickly.
14.  The maximum power of each lamp s 68w The green energy-saving design of LED m s better than halogen lamp
15.  With deep cavity, superficial, unversal, endoscopic and other lighting modes, to meet the needs of diferent types of surgery standard with"green eye protection lumen lighting mode"One key switch, stepless adjustment of illumination
16.  There are four integrated operation handles on the outside of the lamp plate, which is convenient for non-clean area personnel to move the position of the surgical light
17.  Each LDE bulb light source specification5 DC3 3v/1W
18.  Ratio of irradiance Ee and illuminance Ecs3. Omw/(m lx)
19.  Installation height 2. 7-3m. can be customized ultra-low height fioor installation method