Medical Cart Laptop Cart
Medical Cart  Laptop Cart

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Plastics and Metals
ISO9001, ISO13485, CE

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Medical Cart  Laptop Cart
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1. The configuration can increase gas springs mechanism lifting stroke 250+10mm, lifting load is greater than or equal to 12Kg
 2. Working table height: 78omm-1o3omm.
 Two table lifting control mode: it can be controlled by lifting pedals and lifting handles on the right side of the table. It is convenient, flexible and arbitrary.
 3. The mesa is ABS engineering plastic,the size is:490mm(L)x460mm(W),the meddle panel can be embedded with stainless steel panel,it is both wearable and easy to clean,and the metal texture is strong. The middle of the table can be opened and opened, which is convenient for placing notebook computers.
 4. Hidden notebook computer storehouse, size: 417mm(L)x263mm( w),x50mm(H), can be placed 17 inches and below the notebook
 computer, notebook storage with lock burglar.
 5. Two-way telescopic keyboard and mouse bracket, both left/right use habit, keyboard tray size: 465mm(L)x234mm(W)。
 6. With high configuration potable plug type high perfomance lithium battery supply system(with LED keyboard lighting),to provide
 uninterrupted power supply for equipment or computer, safe, reliable and convenient
 7. Casters: using medical special silent double wheel casters, smooth and smooth. The front 2 casters are two pedal full brake casters, 360
 degrees without dead angle brake control, and the 2 ones are universal free full casters
 8. Base: ABS engineering plastic base cladding good stability, easy to clean and maintain, high strength metal structure base frame, high
 bearing capacity and strong stability. The base is equipped with pedal lifting control pedal pedal mechanism.