Manual hospital bed-single rocker
Manual hospital bed-single rocker
B1E type

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Manual hospital bed-single rockerB1E type
Manual hospital bed-single rocker B1E type ABS head and foot two folding bed
Head and foot of the bed: ABS material, quick disassembly
1.2mm cold rolled steel plate + electrostatic powder coating, silent casters
Punching on the bed surface, 4-block guardrail, plastic swing hand
Equipped with shelves and stainless steel infusion stand
Features: stable and comfortable, safe and convenient, easy to clean, easy to move
Five-speed guardrail, six-speed guardrail, head and foot of bed
Passed ISO13485/ISO9001 quality management system certification
L2100*W960*H540mm The maximum folding angle of the back panel≥65°The height of the bed above the ground is 540mm